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Welcome Home To The Village of Grafton

Our Mission

The mission for every member of the Grafton Police Department is to continuously provide a superior level of quality service and to consistently strive to seek and find, in an unrelenting, dedicated, and committed fashion, the ways and means to affirmatively promote, preserve, and enhance the safety, security, and overall quality of life within the community.


This mission represents the commitment of the Grafton Police Department and its administration to providing a superior level of service to the community through a persistent and tireless display of quality performance expected of all members throughout the organization.  The essence of its success is dependent upon the collective efforts of us as individuals to embrace and accept our responsibilities as integral components to assuring a superior level of quality service to the community which we have vowed to deliver.  It provides the foundation upon which all operational decisions and organizational directives will be based.  Directives include rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and the continual flow of informational and operational correspondence generated from within the organization.

Everyone within the organization has a duty, obligation, and responsibility to carry out their specific job function and its associated tasks, assignments, and responsibilities in a proficient, professional, and quality manner.  Quality manner means that beyond the personal commitment to a specific job function or assignment, there is an appreciation and respect for the oath of office; a general code of ethics; departmental rules and regulations, policies and procedures; departmental directives; general and supervisory orders; work productivity expectations; and an overall code of conduct that exhibits a strong sense of pride and professionalism.

 Every member of this Police Department accepts the responsibility to carry out the mission of the organization by visibly exhibiting the many influential and positive characteristics of committed and dedicated professionals.  Each individual must bring with him or her a zeal, determination, attitude, mentality and pride that permeates the organization and allows us to perform our duties well beyond an effective and efficient level of service.  We must continuously evaluate ourselves as individuals as well as an organization so as to meet the current needs of the community while examining innovative technology and programming to meet the needs of the future as well.  We must continuously strive to exceed the expectations, obligations and responsibilities associated with safeguarding a community, and to do so will result in the delivery of a superior level of quality service second to none.


Forms may be dropped of at:      Grafton Town Hall 
                                                 960 Main Street
                                                Grafton, Ohio 44044
                                 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.
Mailed to:
                                               Grafton Police Dept.
                                          1009 CHESTNUT STREET
                                              GRAFTON, OH 44044
                                                  (440) 926-2662