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Welcome Home To The Village of Grafton

The Village of Grafton provides village residents with the opportunity to participate in a natural gas governmental aggregation program.
Under governmental aggregation, the Village of Grafton acts on behalf of natural gas consumers who are participating in the program, to negotiate a gas supply contract with eligible suppliers.
Grafton Village Council passed an ordinance adopting this program and Grafton voters approved the implementation of the program on May 6, 2003.  The aggregation program for Grafton began  with the December 2003 billing cycle. 
You were automatically enrolled in Grafton’s Natural Gas Aggregation Program unless you chose to “opt out”- that is, not participate.  There is no cost for enrollment.  If you chose in December of 2003 to opt-out of this program, you will continue to be served by Columbia Gas of Ohio (Columbia), unless and until you choose another supplier.  Every participant will be allowed to leave the program at least every 24 months without incurring any penalty. 
Participants who leave the aggregation program and who wish to return, as well as consumers who move into the village after the initial opt – out period, may enroll in the aggregation program.  New residents must first have enrolled as customers of Columbia Gas of Ohio. 
In Ohio’s deregulated natural gas environment, your local natural gas utility, Columbia Gas of Ohio, will continue to maintain the pipeline system that delivers natural gas to your home or business.  You will continue to receive a single bill from Columbia for your natural gas service, but it will now include a gas supply charge from the chosen gas supplier, and sales tax charge on the cost of the gas supply in place of the GCR charge you have been paying to Columbia.  You will still contact Columbia regarding loss of gas service, odor of gas, or for any other concerns or issues having to do with your local service.  Budget billing and automatic billing options will continue to be available through Columbia Gas of Ohio. 

If you have any questions, call Interstate Gas Supply, our current supplier at 1-877-444-7427, 24 hours, 7 days a week.  For general information on natural gas deregulation in Ohio, you can also visit the Web Sites of the Ohio Consumer’s Counsel ( or the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (