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14-001   Agreement with Clemans & Nelson union negotiations
 002        Agreement with GPD & Associates for engineering services Distribution Circuit Rebuild project
 003        Agreement Brookside Construction for Splashground Improvements project
 004        Agreement with US Utility for the Distribution Circiut Rebuiklds project.
 005        Appointing Bramhall Engineering & Surveying for Professional Engineering services Mechanic Street
006         Agreement with ODOT for salt purchases
007         Sell personal property not needed by internet auction
008         Lorain County Solid Waste recycling and composting grant
009         GPD Associates professional services for 2014 and 2015
010         Poggemeyer Design Group professional services for 2014 and 2015
011         Simonson Construction Co. WWTP project agreement
012         Power Line Supply Electrical Materials agreement
013         HD Sipply Electrical Materials agreement      
014         Wesco for Electrical Materials agreement 
015         Pepco Electrical Materials agreement
016         Solomon  Electrical Materials agreement
017         Change Order Jess Howard Electric contract
018         Talmer Bank & Trust as official Depository for public funds
019         Ohio Municipal League 2015 workers compensation group rating plan      
020         Adopting 2015 Tax Budget  
021         Payments to shelly company for RT57 widening project
022         Payments to Transystems for RT57 project
023         Agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group for the 2014 Street Program
024         Agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group for the Elm Street Waterline
025         Agreement Buckeye Excavating Mechanic Street project
026        Applications for Issue 2 Funds
027        Change Order request for Simonson Construction WWTP project
028        Change Order request Simonson Construction WWTP project
029        Application for Nature Works Grant Program Funds
030        Change Order request for Simonson Construction WWTP project
031        IRS Section 125 Plan with Infinisource, Inc.
032        Budget Commission tax levies
033        Agreement Westfield Electric Inc. for WWTP Generator
034       Poggemeyer agreement engineering services Elm Street Replacement
035        Mechanic Street Reconstruction / Paving
036       Agreement N&N Construction Elm Street Waterline project
037       Agreement GPD & Associates Engineering for Distribution Circuit project
038       Change Order Simonson Construction WWTP project
039       Poggemeyer Engineering services for WWTP Generator replacement
040       Agreement with Lorain County Commissioners for Emergency Notification
041        Did not pass
042       Change order for Simonson Construction for WWTP project
043      Agreement Public Entities Pool of Ohio for Village liability insurance program