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Resolutions 2015

001   Separation - Severance agreement Alyson Moritz

002   Ohio Public Works Commission Elevated Storage Tank project agreement

003   Amend agreement with Westfield Electric WWTP generator replacement

004  Increase payments to Transystems for State Route 57 widening project

005  Sale of personal property not needed by internet auction

006  Amending Storm Water Management Plan

007  Agreement with Comp Management Workers Compensation plan 2016

008  ODOT Salt purchase agreement

009  Field Policy for ball fields

010  Change order Shelly Company Route 57 project - sidewalks

011  Poggemeyer engineering services North Park parking lot

012  Nature Works Grant Program Funds

013  Land and Water Conservation Program

014  Agreement GPD & Associates for the Vivian Dr. Substation Line project

015  Agreement GPD & Associates for the Electric Line Conversion on


016   Agreement Denes Concrete Street Improvement project

017   Increase payment to Shelly Company for State Route 57 project

018   Lorain County Solid Waste recycling grant program

019   Agreement Perry & Associates Auditor of State

020   Agreement Power Line Supply Electric materials

021   Agreement with Pepco for Electric materials

022   Agreement Pepco Electrical materials

023  Agreement US Utility 2015 Circuit Rebuild project

024  2016 Tax Budget

025  Agreement Poggemeyer Mechanic Street Phase II

026  Agreement with Poggemeyer for Elevated Water Tank Replacement project

027  Application to participate Ohio Public Works Commission

028  Agreement Bramhall Engineering & surveying for Mechanic Street Improvement Phase I

029  Lorain County Solid Waste Plan


031  Agreement with Lorain County for employee health care benefits

032  Section 125 plan with Infinisource, Inc.

033  Rate of taxation for the Village for the 2016 fiscal year

034  Amended Agreement High Voltage Maintenance for Substation Testing

035 Agreement Poggemeyer Design for Water Booster Pump Station replacement project

036  Agreement Official Payments for credit card services

037  Agreement Poggemeyer Design for Main Street Waterline Loop Replacement Project

038  Enter Donation agreement with University Hospitals certain equipment donated to the Village