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Resolution 2016

16-001    Agreement with Ross Environmental disposal of various items of GPD

     002    Rehabilitation Loan Payment Agreement 1029 Elm Street

    003  Mechanic Street project sidewalk assessment

    004  Enter agreement Buckeye Excavating Mechanic Street Phase 2 project

    005  Agreement with CompManagement on behalf of Ohio Municipal League

    006  Sell property not needed GovDeals

    007  Support of Elm St. Studios, LLC  1111 Elm Street

    008  Agreement with Precision Paving for North Park parking lot

    009  Agreement with Wesco for electrical material bid

    010  Agreement with Solomon Corporation for electrical transformers bid

    011  Agreement with Pepco for electrical material bid

    012  Agreement with Power Line Supply for electrical material bid

    013  ODOT winter contract for salt

    014   Agreement with Schindler Elevator for maintenance

    015  Lorain County Solid Waste Management Agreement

   016  Applications Nature Works Grant Program

   017 Appointing GPD for Miscellaneous Engineering Services

   018  Agreement OPBA new pay scale Officers

   019  Allow Mayor discretion to consider other qualified Engineering Firms

   020  Adopting proposed 2017 Tax Budget

   021  Agreement with Quasar Energy Group for WWTP sludge removal (3yrs.)

   022  Application to participate in the Ohio Public Works Commission State Cap Imp. /Trans program

   023  Agreement with Classical Construction, LLC for the Grafton-Electric Vivian Line Shop project

  024   Accepting donation of lighted railroad crossing sign

  025  Contract Infinisource IRS Section 125 plan

  026  Extension agreement Perry & Associates and Auditor of State for period of 1/1/15 to 12/31 18

  027  Agreement with Safebuilt Ohio LLC. for Building duties

  028  Agreement to purchase property for construction of a public works infrastructure project

  029  Budget Commission tax levies

  030  Change order $8,645.00 for North Park New Parking lot and resurfacing project

  031  Accepting First Merit Bank now part of Huntington Bank as Official depository

  032  Accepting Farmer's Savings Bank Official depository for public funds

  033  Application for Transportation for Livable Communities Planning grant NOACA

  034  Purchase of property Center Street