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Welcome Home To The Village of Grafton

17 - 001  Annexation of property Barrington Estates from Eaton Township

       002  Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association full time Officer contract

       003  Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Sergeants contract


       005  Mechanic Street Phase II Sidewalk Assessments

       006  Accepting Dedication Plat Fiddler's Green Sub. Phase II

       007  Approval of the Community Reinvestment Area Annual Reports (CRA)

       008  Adopting On Call Schedule and Compensation for Ems Personnel

       009  Appropriations for current expenses

       010  Wage and Salary Schedule Village Employees

       011  Amending Ordinance for and defining Employees Eligible for

               Health Insurance

       012  Uniform allowance Chief of Police

       013  Amendment of Zoning map certain land located within the Village

       014  Amending WWTP Operator II wages

       015  Salaries Mayor - Council - Clerk Treasurer

       016  Transferring monies from General Fund to Capital Improvement fund

       017  American Legal updating of Ordinances

       018  Amending water connection fee for Fox Fun Development to

               $4000.00 Rural Water

       019  Selling certain Village owned property which is no longer used

       020  Amending portions of Garbage /Rubbish removal

       021  Amending Water & Sewer Rates


       023  Amending Wages for Assistant Fire Chief and EMS Coordinator

       024  Natural Gas Aggregation Program approved 2018 & 2019




      028  Agreement BFI of Ohio trash collection

              January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2022

      029  Agreement IRS Section 125 Plan with Infinisource

      030  Agreement Elite Excavating Co. of Ohio Water Booster Pump Project

      031  Agreement Caldwell Tanks, Inc. Elevated Water Tank replacement

      032  Agreement Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Inc. construction of the

               Main Street Waterline Loop Improvements

     033   2018 rate of taxation set by Auditor