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Welcome Home To The Village of Grafton

001  Change order with Buckeye Excavating for the Mechanic Street Phase II project

002  Water Supply Loan Agreement for Main Street Water Line Loop

003  Water Supply Loan for Elevated Water Storage Tank replacement

004  Water Supply Loan Agreement for Booster Pump Station Replacement

005  Agreement Thompson Electric, Inc. for On Call Electrical assistance

006  Agreement with Poggemeyer for Engineer services for Elevated Water Tank project

007  Amend Agreement Poggemeyer for Engineer Services for Water Booster Pump Station Replacement project

008  Agreement Poggemeyer for Engineer Services for the Oak Street Improvement project

009  Enter into a County Wide Technical Rescue Response Agreement

010  Agreement Poggemeyer Engineer Services for the 2017 Street Improvements project

011  Agreement Jess Howard Electric Underground Dist. along Yarmouth from Hyanis to Novak and Provincetown

012  Easement TJO Properties

013  Sale of items GovDeals

014  ODOT Winter contract for road salt

015  Agreement with PEPCO for electrical material per bid

016  Agreement Power Line Supply Co. for electrical material per bid

017  Agreement Wesco for electrical material per bid

018  Agreement Solomon Corp. for electrical transformers per bid

019 Administrator authorization to enter into discussions/negotiations re: dev  of renewable energy

020  Facility encroachment agreement with CSX regarding water lines and sewer lines

021  Agreement Lorain County Commissioners and Solid Waste Management

022  Agreement Denes Concrete for the 2017 Street Improvements project

023  Proposed 2018 Tax Budget

024  Agreement Aqua Aerobics Systems for Continuing Technological services WWTP

025  Agreement Riverside Drives Inc. install power transmission equipment WWTP

026  OPWC State Capital Improvement Local Transportation Program 

027  Agreement with GPD Engineering for the Distribution Rebuild Yarmouth Road project