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Welcome Home To The Village of Grafton

Resolutions 2018

001 Agreement with State of Ohio for purchase of Land

002  Administrator to permit certain "TAPS" into Village's Sanitary Sewers

003  Agreement Solomon Corp. for Electrical Transformers

004  Agreement Anixter Inc. for Electrical Materials

005  Agreement Pepco for Electrical Materials

006  Agreement Wesco for Electrical Materials

007  Midview Kiwanis grant from Ross Foundation for rehabilitation of N. Park basketball court

008  Agreement transfer of water service to Rural Water Authority for the Fox Run Development

009  Agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group Easterly Sanitary Sewer extension project

010  Agreement with Poggemeyer Design Group Chestnut St. improvements Phase I project

011  Agreement Poggemeyer Design Group 2018 WWTP improvements project