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LEAF PICK UP 2018 HAS ENDED (the date posted below is the date this notification will be removed from the website)

Leaf pick up began on November 7th and continue throughout November 30th as weather permitted.  Due to the increased 2018 rain fall, leaf color change and leaf

drop has occurred 3 to 4 weeks later than normal.  Grafton did not have a significant leaf fall until October 28th.

On December 3rd, Grafton Service Department extended leaf pick up 1-week.  On December 10th with favorable weather conditions, Grafton service Department was able to extend leaf pick up an additional week.

2018 LEAF PICK HAS ENDED.  If you have leaves remaining on your tree lawns, we recommend you bag your leaves and place them out with your BULK rubbish pick up on January 4, 2019 (First Friday of each month.

(Updated December 17, 2018 @ 9:45 AM)


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