Mayor’s Office


Mayor Charles Duke was elected to serve Grafton as Mayor on November 7, 2024.  Mayor Duke was sworn into office January 2, 2023 in the witness of Grafton Village Council, family, many friends and supporters.  Mayor Duke is a lifelong Grafton area resident and is owner of the DUKE Funeral Home located on Main St in the Village of Grafton.  Mayor Duke’s term runs through December 31, 2027.

Mayor Charles beside his wife and Grafton’s First Lady Linda – January 2, 2024


Section 5.  Duties and Powers of the Mayor

(a)   Executive Powers. The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the Municipality. He or she shall:

(1)   Supervise the administration of the affairs of the Municipality;

(2)   Exercise control of all departments and divisions except those reserved by this Charter to the Council or its officers and employees;

(3)   Be the chief conservator of the peace within the Municipality;

(4)   Enforce all laws and ordinances;

(5)   Recommend to the Council such measures as he or she may deem necessary or expedient;

(6)   See that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the Municipality or its inhabitants in any franchise or contract to which the Municipality is a party are faithfully kept and performed;

(7)   Prepare and submit to the Council such reports as may be requested or required by it;

(8)   Act as the official and ceremonial head of the Municipal government;

(9)   Execute on behalf of the Municipality all contracts, conveyances, evidence of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the Municipality is a party;

(10)   Except as otherwise provided in this Charter or the laws of the State of Ohio, have the power to appoint, promote, transfer, reduce or remove any officer or employee of the Municipality, subject to approval by Council. This power shall not apply to those officers or employees required by this Charter to be elected and those whose terms of office may be fixed by this Charter except as provided for in Article IV, Section 6.

(11)   Perform such other duties as are consistent with his or her office and as are conferred or required by this Charter, or by any ordinance or resolution of the Council, or by the laws of the State of Ohio or of the United States of America.

(b)   Legislative Powers. The Mayor shall be entitled to a seat in the Council and shall attend all meetings of Council. He or she shall have the right to introduce ordinances, resolutions and motions and shall have the right to participate in the discussion of all matters coming before Council. The Mayor shall preside at all Council meetings, but shall have no vote in Council. The Mayor shall have no veto power over any ordinance or resolution passed by Council.

(c)   Judicial Powers. The Mayor shall have all the judicial powers granted generally by the laws of Ohio to Mayors of municipalities unless, until and to the extent that other lawful provisions shall be made for the exercise of all or any of such powers.

All revenue collected in the Mayor’s Court shall be deposited into the General Operating Fund of the Village.  (Amended 11-7-78)

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