The Pride We Foster Today Will…
…Reflect Upon the Pride We Have Tomorrow.

Mayor’s Office

Mayor David DiVencenzo has faithfully served the community of Grafton for many years. Having spent most of his life here in the Greater Grafton area, resident DiVencenzo has been and advocate for volunteerism with several local organizations, including administrative efforts developing programs and growth with the regionally renown Grafton Hot Stove program.

Mayor DiVencenzo has a lengthy professional background and experience working in the discipline of corporate and agricultural finance and property asset management.

As Mayor he serves as the chief executive officer of the Municipality, supervises the administration of the affairs of the Municipality, exercise control of all departments and divisions except those reserved by this Charter to the Council or its officers and employees, is the chief conservator of the peace within the Municipality, and enforce all laws and ordinances.

David DiVencenzo was elected to office in 2011 where he first served as Ward 4 Councilman.  In 2013, Councilman DiVencenzo was elected by his peers on council to serve as Council President, a position he held until his election to the office of Mayor in 2015.

Mayor DiVencenzo values honesty, integrity and community pride. His door is always open, and the Mayor encourages you to give him a call anytime. Thank you for your faith and love for our community.