Village Administrator

The Village Administrator operates under the Council-Manager form of government.

The Village Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and approved Council.  The Village Administrator must be experienced in business management, personnel management, human resources management, versed in labor law, purchasing and have municipal based knowledge and experience in public works and municipal infrastructure.  The Administrator must have a fundamental knowledge in Ohio Revised Code and how it relates to municipal operation and provides checks-and-balance accountability to the public.

As the municipal manager, the Administrator is responsible for the everyday oversight and administration of all Village business.  The position of Village Administrator is in part defined in the Village of Grafton codified ordinance;


The Village Administrator shall have those powers, duties and functions as are provided for by the general laws of the State and by the Charter and ordinances of the Village. In addition, he or she shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

(a)   The Village Administrator is hereby designated as the Purchasing Agent for all Village offices, departments, divisions, boards and commissions, and he or she shall make all contracts, purchase supplies or materials and provide for any work of the Village in the manner provided by the Ohio Revised Code and/or the Charter and ordinances of the Village.

(b)   The Village Administrator is hereby authorized to promulgate such written rules and procedures to be followed by all Village employees and officer’s relative to the requisition of supplies, materials and work for their respective offices, departments, divisions, boards or commissions as he or she may, in his or her discretion, deem to be necessary or desirable. Such rules and procedures shall not conflict with the Charter or ordinances of the Village.

(Ord. 741.  Passed 8-15-67.)

Administrator Joe Price brings to the office of Village Administrator a unique balance of public and private sector administration management with considerable business development planning experience spanning 4-decades in Northeast Ohio including 12-years in governmental oversight management.  The office of the Village Administrator is one that encompasses multiple disciplines in business and local municipal government management.  Joe’s experience and knowledge broadens this Administrator’s oversight and management responsibilities to include Director of Public Works, Director of the Grafton Power & Light Electric Utility, and Director of Grafton’s Waste Water Treatment Plant operations.  As VA, Joe Price oversees all street and roadway projects and maintenance, public services, public parks, serves as Village project manager on all public-works projects, contract negotiations, labor negotiations, and purchasing agent for the Village of Grafton.

Representing Grafton’s position regionally, VA Price regularly attends both the Northeast Ohio Mayors and Managers Association and Lorain County Mayors and Managers Association, works directly with Grafton’s Local Planning Agency (LPA) NOACA in matters governing Grafton’s 208 Sewer District and various project funding opportunities, Ohio Department of Transportation qualified to manage local state highway projects funded in part or whole by ODOT, represents Grafton’s position with Lorain County agencies, and currently serves on the Legislative, Finance, Solar, Prairie State, AFEC and Power Transmission Committees with American Municipal Power (AMP).

The Village of Grafton is one of only two Ohio village-communities that is mandated to comply with collective bargaining in full compliance of SERB (State Employee Relations Board), as determined by Federal Census.  VA Price serves as Grafton’s Chief negotiator involving all collective bargaining contracts the Village currently has with the IBEW and OPBA.

Additionally, VA Price oversees Economic Development within the Village, is certified by and a current member of the OEDA (Ohio Economic Development Association) and has been instrumental in the municipal-branding of Grafton as a progressive Village on the move!

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