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Economic Development

Village of Grafton Ohio…Celebrating 200 years of progress and economic growth!

The Village of Grafton is one the move! With some substantial progress made over the last several years, Grafton is becoming the hub of economic growth and development in Lorain County. With overall reasonable costs, a local government leadership team that is pro-business and willing to discuss various incentives, Grafton could be the right fit for you. See below to learn more about the available properties in our community. Feel free to contact us any anytime at 440-926-9401.

A progressive community with can-do possibilities growing for you!




Member of American Municipal Power Since  1972

ELECTRIC; Grafton Public Power and Light is a municipally owned and operated electric system.  The Village of Grafton is a participating member of AMP Ohio.  As a PUBLIC POWER PARTNER, Grafton is one of 135 AMP members in nine states including Ohio (84), Pennsylvania (29), Michigan (6), Kentucky (6), Virginia (5), West Virginia (2), Indiana (1), Maryland (1) and the joint action agency in Delaware.  Public partners each develop municipal power purchase portfolios which stabilizes and diversifies power purchase costs, assures power purchase availability and collaboratively develops industry strategies, material and equipment purchasing and organizes mutual aid to electric systems experiencing sudden system outages and damage often due to severe weather conditions.


One of only 4 Public Power Communities in Lorain County, GPPL provides electric power to most residential and commercial customers within the Village of Grafton.  GPPL is a member of American Municipal Power, a consortium of public power utilities that organize, develop strategic policies, address legislative impact on public power operations and costs, owns and operates power generation facilities, and purchases power from other electric power generators to assure each community with sustainable and affordable power supply.  The Village of Grafton maintains a power purchase portfolio designed to supply Grafton’s electric power demand.  GPPL department employs state certified electrical lineworkers, offers a state certified in-house 4-year lineman apprentice program, and all GPPL employees are represented by collective bargaining through the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1377.   GPPL owns, maintains and operates;

  • 2 electric substations.
  • Public Power electric system transmission grid, utility poles, and most power transformers.
  • Roadway Street Lighting System (updated to energy efficient LED lighting 2015, 2016, and 2017).
  • PROJECT BEACON Solar Development – December 2018, GPPL has entered into a 30-Year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with EITRI FOUNDRY LLC for the construction of a 4WM Solar Power Generation facility within the Village of Grafton and the purchase of low-cost RENEWABLE ENERGY and a fixed price for the full term of the PPA.  EITRI FOUNDRY LLC will maintain ownership and maintenance of the Solar Power Generation Farm, located on 36 acres of Village publicly owned land, leased to EITRI FOUNDRY LLC for the term of the PPA.



Grafton Sewer Department is a full service sewer utility that provides a sewage transmission conduit system delivering all residential and commercial raw sewage to the Grafton Waste Water Treatment Plant for processing.  Grafton Sewer owns, maintains and operates;

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant (WTTP) facility, processing up to 1.5-million gallons of raw sewage daily.  The Grafton WTTP is designed for future expansion to treat 2.25-millions gallons of raw sewage daily when needed. The Plant is automated and operates 24/7.  The facility is maintained in-house, improvements and update occur as needed and operation improvements are planed as technology advancements in treatment become available.  The Grafton WWTP is scheduled for such an improvement in 2019 with an estimated project cost in excess of 1.3-million dollars.
  • Grafton sanitary sewer system.  All system conduit sewers including sanitary manholes, and 4-sewage lift stations.
  • 5,000,000-gallon Equalization Basin (EQ Basin).  The EQ basin pulls from the sanitary sewer system raw sewage in heavy rain fall events, stores the sewage for the duration of the weather event, then pumps the sewage back into the system for treatment.  Dated sewer systems often lack separation of sanitary sewage and storm water.  Although current regulations now require separation to prevent heavy inflow and infiltration (I & I) of stormwater into the sanitary system during weather events, many older residential properties still have cross-connections.  When an I & I event happens, some homes experienced sanitary sewage backup due to system backup from flow that exceeded the capacity of the sewer conduit system.  The EQ Basin was engineered and constructed in 2014 and in service since 2015, to pull system capacity overloaded into the basin.  When automatically activated sewage is pumped (sucked) from the sanitary system into the EQ Basin, stored then treated in the days following the event.  This has eliminated the sanitary sewer backups, system overloads and has prevented the WWTP from being stormwater compromised during a storm event.


Grafton Water provides potable water service(s) to residential, commercial and industrial customers.  All potable water is supplied delivered to Grafton by RLCWA.  Grafton Water owns, maintains and operates;

  • Water Pump Station (constructed 2018, in-service December 2018) to maintain and regulate system water pressures on demand, including any power-outage event as the Pump Station operation includes power-generation backup.
  • Water storage system includes the North Tower (constructed in 1993) stores 300,000 gallons of potable water, and the Downtown District Tower (Constructed 2018, in-service December 2018) stores 200,000 of potable water.
  • Water distribution system and provides fire water supply to all Village Fire Hydrants.



Commercial Properties currently available in Grafton


569 Main St., Small retail strip-center For Sale Call 440-984-3266


Professional Office / Retail Space 516 Main St. Grafton, Ohio 44044.  For more information please call 440-366-2241 (Photo attached)

1019 Commerce Dr – For additional information please call 440-323-5700

(Photo attached)

Commercial/Industrial Property FOR SALE 1152 Elm St, Grafton, OH 44044

(Photo attached)

FOR LEASE – 903 Main St. 1644 Sq. Ft. of Prime Retail Space in Grafton’s quaint Historic Downtown District.

For more information CALL 440-935-4788

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