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Rumor; BROADBAND (Posted Updated December 10, 2018)

Question and comments;  “Why are the residents of Grafton Village held hostage to GLW Broadband with their substandard internet speeds?”

“Cable provider ‘x’ tells me Grafton has awarded GLW as sole broadband provider, prohibiting provider ‘x’ from offering service in Grafton.”


The Village of Grafton does not have an agreement with GLW that prohibits other broadband businesses from investing, expanding offering their broadband service in Grafton.  Currently Frontier and Everstream Broadband provide internet service to some.  The Village is often asked about Spectrum, if this company has an interest in providing service to Grafton and surrounding township residents and municipalities, The Village of Grafton has no restriction prohibiting them from expanding their investment and service area.

OHIO LAW prohibits cable/broadband exclusivity, all cable/broadband providers know this.  If a sales/marketing representative of a broadband company states otherwise; ask them to mail or email you in writing this statement.  To date; none have responded to such a request. 

January 9, 2023 UPDATE:  Broadband providers have expressed an interest in expanding service in Grafton.  Within the Village all providers are required to enter into a pole attachment agreement to extend service on existing poles.  Grafton Village Power & Light shares an industry concern regarding weight.  When weight exceeds pole limits, failure is possible.  As electricity distribution is the priority, the pole infrastructure stability is the first priority.  Regulations are in place to protect electric supply to every home and business.   All suppliers are welcome provided they enter into a collaborative pole attachment agreement.
ARPA FUNDING in part provides support for Broadband and Fiber development and may benefit Grafton and the Greater Grafton area in the near future.


Rumor; Landscape divider on SR 57 (Posted October 30, 2018)

Comment; “I’ve heard Grafton planning to install a grass/landscape divider on SR 57”.

Truth;  Grafton has no plan to install a divider of any sort on SR 57.  SR 57 is maintained and regulated by ODOT.  This rumor may have come from a recent TLCI study proposed consideration to install landscape bump-outs in the downtown district in Village right-of-way that would better define downtown parking, beautify the downtown district, and help control speed through the downtown district.  All study items presented to date only represent possible development considerations.  The Village has no plan to install SR 57 dividers and nor has the study been completed.  To date, City Architects who is the managing the TLCI development, has not made any final recommendations or considerations.

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