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Rumors and Trending Topics – Eliminating Misinformation

Rumor; BROADBAND (Posted September 19, 2018)

Question and comments;  “Why are the residents of Grafton Village held hostage to GLW Broadband with their substandard internet speeds?”

“Cable provider ‘x’ tells me Grafton has awarded GLW as sole broadband provider, prohibiting provider ‘x’ from offering service in Grafton.”


The Village of Grafton does not have an agreement with GLW that prohibits other broadband businesses from investing, expanding offering their broadband service in Grafton.  Currently Frontier and Everstream Boradband provide internet service to some.  The Village is often asked about Spectrum, if this company has an interest in providing service to Grafton and surrounding township residents and municipalities, The Village of Grafton has no restriction prohibiting them from expanding their investment and service area.