6/2/2022 UPDATE:

An Informational Public Meeting was held on Tuesday 6:30 PM May 31st, 2022, at Village Hall.  Construction area begins at Novak Rd where a pedestrian safety will be addressed with the construction of a crosswalk.  Work in this area is primarily in the right-of-way and will not involver roadway work.  Traffic will be maintained throughout.
The majority of the roadway construction area begins at Erie St and travels south to Mechanic St.  North and South traffic will be maintained and access to all businesses will be maintained.  Look for momentary changing traffic throughout and for signs identifying “BUSINESS OPEN”, they will be posted and location may change during construction.
The project will include new sidewalks North & South from Erie St to Mechanic St, this entire area will be resurfaced, installation of new curb and gutter and underground storm water conduit.  The Parsons Rd intersection will be slightly adjusted turning it 90-degrees to Main St to improve Parsons Rd motorist North to South viewpoint of traffic, both vehicle and pedestrian.  NOTE: Parsons Rd will be resurfaced but is NOT a part of this project.  The Parsons Rd resurfacing will be out to bid, resurfacing will be performed after the Main St contractor finishes the Parsons Rd realignment.  The Parsons Rd resurfacing will begin at Main St heading west to the Village corporation limit at Metro Parks Royal Oaks.  The pavement on the bridge approach and the bridge pavement is NOT a part of this resurfacing project.  The Village is prohibited from resurfacing areas that fall under the county engineers authority.
A second RRFB and crosswalk will be installed at the south end of 779 N Main St (approximately 275 feet south of the Parsons Rd intersection).  A third RRFB will be installed at the Main St Mechanic St intersection.  The traffic signal will be removed, the intersection will become a 2-way STOP exiting Mechanic St.  The ODOT traffic study found the 1940’s vintage stop light was not warranted.  Much of this project is funded by ODOT safety funds with oversight from ODOT that established the need for sidewalk, crosswalk, and RRFB, this included the determination the traffic light (Installed when Grafton School was occupied) was no longer warranted.  TRAFFIC PATTERN has changed signs will be posted in advance of the streetlight removal and will remain in place until the project determines a sufficient notification has been posted up to the completion of the project.
The project will include downtown streetscape improvements, new ornate lighting in the downtown and increasing the turning radius south bound from Main St to west bound Mechanic St.  Parking downtown area from Mechanic St to Railroad St will change to reverse in parking along the west-side of the SR 57, this too identified as a safety improvement.  The Clock at Railroad St will be removed, refurbished and reinstalled in the same general area.
Highlights to remember:  TRAFFIC WILL BE MAINTAINED.  TRAFFIC PATTERNS WILL CHANGE, EXPECT DELAYS at times due to the normal everyday railroad traffic and construction in progress.   Businesses’ WILL REMAIN OPEN.  Downtown Parking will be limited at times, consider Village Hall and the Beckers Ct public parking areas.
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