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2019 Fall Leaf Pick Up PROGRAM

LEAF PICK UP will begin the week of October 21st, and will continue through November 20, 2019.
Leaf pickup will vary as needed, picking up leaves usually 3-days a week and the days will vary and be mostly dependent on weather.


Service cannot pick up soaked-wet leaves, pile may need to dry put before they can be picked up. Should it snow; likewise, service must wait until the snow has melted and the piles have dried.


Leaf pickup is a Grafton Village resident convenience, it is not an ordained municipal obligation. Grafton service will do its best to pick up leaves when it can while remaining on-call should an emergency or issue arise that requires immediate attention.


Should you have leaves after the program ends please DO NOT leave them on your tree lawns as it will kill the grass.
Bag any remaining leaves and put them out for the December 6th, 2019, trash pick up.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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