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9:00 AM till NOON

Shred open to Lorain County Public


  • Must be a Village – Proof of residency include both a Village Utility Bill and Drivers License
  • NO hazardous waste, NO paints, NO tires, NO motor oil or chemicals.





The Annual Shred/Dumpster Days in the Village of Grafton will be held on Saturday June 19th at 1111 Elm Street from 9:00 am to Noon or until the truck is full.  The shredding services is a free service provided by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners and the Lorain County Solid  Waste District and is  available for all of Lorain County and the City of Vermilion Residents only, for the destruction of personal and confidential paper documents.  Documents from companies, organizations, churches, schools, and municipalities will not be accepted.  Visit http://www.loraincounty.us/solidwaste for additional information or contact District Staff at 440-329-5440.


Items accepted for the paper shredding service include:

Bank account statements and cancelled checks; Income tax returns, property tax bills, credit card receipts and statements; Legal documents; Medical Records and Other paper documents with sensitive personal information.

Items not personal in nature are not accepted for the paper shredding service and include:

User Manuals, Instruction Booklets, or Advertising Materials; Bound Books, Hardcover or Softback, or Reports Bound in Covers; Newspapers, Magazines or Other Published Materials.

Items not accepted for the paper shredding service because of possible damage to equipment include:  Three-Ring Binders or Plastic Report Covers; Spiral-Bound Items, Metal or Plastic; Binder Clips or Large Paper Clips (Standard Staples Are OK); CD’s, DVD’s, Diskettes, Removable Disks or Hard Drives; Photograph Albums (Photographs are OK if Removed from Any Mountings).


Dumpsters will also be available to Village residents for disposal of large non-hazardous items. No tires, petroleum products, paints or hazardous items will be accepted.  Hazardous items can be disposed of at the Lorain County Collection Center at 540 South Abbe Road.  The hours are  Wednesday Noon to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Please bring a copy of your utility bill as proof of residency to dispose of items in the Village dumpsters.


Pcs for People will have a truck on site to collect computer equipment and other electronics which will include: desktop and laptop computers; CRT monitors’ TV; Keyboards and Mice; Printers; Speakers; Hard Drive, and Laptop Batteries.


For more information search www.villageofgrafton.org or call 440-926-2401. Pcs for People information can be found at www.gmplibrary.org or call 440-926-3317.


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