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Amy Barnhart

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Amy Barnhart was first elect Clerk-Treasurer of the Village of Grafton in November 2015 and reelected to a second 4-year term November 5, 2019.  Amy is a 32-year member of the Grafton community and after serving 25-years in the banking industry, Amy sought and was elected to serve as Grafton’s Clerk Treasurer in 2015.  The Clerk-Treasurer position bears several primary and secondary responsibilities including managing municipal finances, public records, managing employee benefits and budget funding management to mention a few.  Amy served on the 2016 Bicentennial Ball Committee.  Amy serves along side with the Village Administration and is actively involved with the Administrations contract negotiations and plays a vital role establishing project funding and project financing on all public-works projects.

Village of Grafton – Charter


Section 2.  Duties

The Clerk-Treasurer is the fiscal officer of the Municipality, the Clerk of the Municipality and the Clerk of the Council.

Specifically, his or her duties are to:

(a)   Demand and receive from the County Treasurer taxes, levies and assessments made and certified to the County Auditor by the Council and placed on the tax list by such Auditor for collection. He or she shall also demand and receive moneys from persons authorized to collect or required to pay them from judgments, fines, penalties, forfeitures, licenses, court costs and debts due the Municipality;

(b)   Disburse the funds of the Municipality on the order of the Council;

(c)   Keep an accurate account of all moneys received by him or her, showing the amount thereof, the time received, from whom and on what account received;

(d)   Keep an accurate account of all disbursements made by him or her, showing the amount thereof, the time made, to whom and on what account paid;

(e)   So arrange his or her books that the amounts received and paid on account of separate funds or specified apportionments shall be exhibited in separate accounts;

(f)   Settle and account with the Council at such regular intervals as may be required by the Council. At the first regular meeting of the Council in January in each year, the Clerk-Treasurer shall report to the Council the condition of the finances of the Municipality, the amount received by him or her, the sources of such receipts, the disbursements made by him or her and on what account during the year preceding. Such account shall exhibit the balance of each fund in his or her hands at the end of the year.

(g)   Attend all meetings of Council and keep the official record of all proceedings, rules, by-laws, resolutions and ordinances passed or adopted; and

   (h)   Perform such other duties as are required by any ordinance of the Municipality consistent with his or her office.


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