GRAFTON’S SOLAR nears system testing….

Grafton Solar Phase 1 ….Project ‘Beacon’

Updated October 1, 2019

Site:  35 acres of the Northeast corner of Avon Belden Rd and Capel Rd was clear cut on March 12th to prepare for the ground work to begin construction of Grafton’s 4MW Solar generation facility. 

Panel racking was installed in May 2019, panels installed in June, infrastructure including conduit, electric current converters & current inverters, transformer pads, transformers, system communications and switching installed in July and August… and finally in September was completed making connection to both of Grafton’s electric substations.

System testing to be performed in October with generation facility commissioning scheduled for early November.  

Stay connected here as we will provide updates as they become available.

Grafton’s Solar Developer is EITRI FOUNDRY.  For more about EITRI, here is the link to a video they produced when building the 3.1MW Solar site in Monroeville Ohio.

Grafton Solar Phase 2 ….Project ‘Light of Lorain’

Grafton’s planning with a vision for the future propels a modest Village in Lorain County Ohio to the forefront of the nations  RENEWABLE ENERGY movement.  With an inventory of nearly 835 acres of municipal-owned land available, Grafton has entered into a lease agreement with a leader in the wind and solar renewable energy industry.  Application is being made to the PJM market for a 120 to 150MW solar generation connection to the electric grid.  The application process may take 2 to 3 years to meet approval and 1 to 2 additional years to construct, test and move to full generation.    This project will campus up to 2000 acres of land. 

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