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GRAFTON’S SITE FOR SOLAR FARM cleared and under construction

Updated May 28, 2019

Solar Racking installed.  Contractor installing

conduit.  Solar panels to be delivered and installed late June.   Site photo taken on May 24, 2019.

April 2019,

35 acres of the Northeast corner of Avon Belden Rd and Capel Rd was clear cut on March 12th to prepare for the ground work to begin on Grafton’s 4MW Solar Farm within weeks to follow.  Projected operational date is currently August 15, 2019.  Stay connected here as we will provide updates as they become available.

Grafton’s Solar Developer is EITRI FOUNDRY.  For more about EITRI, here is the link to a video they produced when building the 3.1MW Solar site in Monroeville Ohio.

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