BACK-IN REVERSE ANGLE PARKING coming to Downtown Grafton

September 20, 2022: Back – In parking will soon become a fixture in Downtown Grafton Parking on the WEST side of the roadway between Railroad St and Mechanic St. Roadway repaving is scheduled for mid-October. New roadway stripping will identify the change. The Village is looking into available and approved Back-In Parking notification signage. CLICK HERE FOR SAFETY INFORMATION REGARDING BACK-IN PARKING

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The are many informational resources available regarding BACK IN REVERSE ANGEL PARKING. Here are a few:

Back In Parking EXAMPLE LINKS:

How to Back In Angle Park:

Norwalk Connecticut

Fort Collins Colorado

Austin Texas

Arlington Texas

National City

BACK IN angle parking instructional video #1:

BACK IN angle parking instructional video #2:

ODOT:   “Reverse angle parking, according to ODOT, is a safer type of angled parking than pulling forward into a space with the nose of a vehicle nearest the sidewalk or parking block/bumper. Instead of pulling forward into the parking spot, cars back into their spots, allowing them to make eye contact with oncoming traffic when exiting the parking space later.”

“There are many benefits to reverse angle parking,” added ODOT District 10 Traffic Engineer Eric Davis. ” Drivers will no longer have to back out blindly from their parking space, and will instead be able to see oncoming traffic.”

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