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Village Council Meeting Schedule 2024 & UPCOMING AGENDA

Village of Grafton Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month in Council Chambers located in the lower level of Village Hall.

– Schedule subject to change, updates will be provided when available –

Special meetings of Council may be added and convened by Council, the Mayor or the Administrator when required to address sudden matters impacting the Village and require a 24-hour public notification of the time and place where a Special Meeting of Council will be held.  Such notifications will be announced electronically through either social media, the Village website villageofgrafton.org , or both.

* Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meet 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm provided an AGENDA item is submitted for consideration.  Council Meeting to may be held jointly with either or both the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeal.  If not held jointly, Council meetings to begin immediately following either or both the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeal.

Where? – Village Hall;

(Actual start times may vary on evenings when Planning Commission and or Board of Zoning meet)

Regularly Scheduled Council Meeting and or * Planning Commission (if needed) :

April 16, 2024 _____7:30 pm*

May 7, 2024 _______7:30 pm

May 21, 2024 ______7:30 pm*

June 4, 2024 ______7:30 pm

June 18, 2024 _____7:30 pm*

July 2, 2024_______7:30 pm

August 6, 2024_____7:30 pm

September 3, 2024__7:30 pm

September 17, 2024__7:30 pm*

October 1, 2024_____7:30 pm

October 15, 2024____7:30 pm*

November 5, 2024___7:30 pm

November 19, 2024__7:30 pm*

December 3, 2024___7:30 pm

December 17, 2024__7:30 pm*

Missed a meeting?  Watch it here https://www.glwb.net/ 

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